Marketing Research on Colleges and Universities: Factors to Consider

When people think of colleges and marketing, they often think of the latter as a major at the former. In other cases, they envision the marketing efforts that the institutions of higher learning put forth themselves to attract students to attend. However, entities also need to market to colleges. They want these schools to pick their books, technological devices, and other instruments for learning. Therefore, knowing the factors to pay attention to when it comes to higher education market research is important.


Marketing teams must know what type of school they are advertising toward. For example, some universities are in sprawling rural areas, and others have many schools packed into densely populated urban domains. Still other schools are small and located in suburban communities. Some schools are public; others are private. Many colleges and universities are coeducational, but that is not true for all of them. Quite a number have specific religious affiliations. Therefore, marketing teams must speak to the specific needs of the educational community.

Another important factor to consider is the academic focus of the institution. Many people automatically think of a liberal arts education when they envision colleges and universities. While that is a popular focus for schools to have, plenty of institutions focus on technical careers, artistic fields, theatrical pursuits, religious positions, and more. Once again, marketing teams must cater their material to the ultimate goals of the college. By doing so, these education marketing efforts can show by the products are the best ones to use for that particular school.

Most schools list mission statements on their websites. These mission statements often include the values and objectives of the academic environment. By reading through these statements, marketing teams can learn what the school values and what the school wants the students to value. Colleges and universities tend to stand by their mission statements; therefore, teams can make material that addresses these particular goals. When businesses present their products to the schools, they should not just assume that the recipients will understand the connections to the mission statements. Businesses should let them know that they have catered their material this way on purpose.

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